Top 10 Indian Food Which Are World Famous

Indian cuisines have started gaining popularity worldwide primarily because of being rich in taste and flavor. We now witness Indian restaurants in abundance abroad and if you think only Indians visit them, then you are mistaken. Now these restaurants top the charts of food critics for their opulent dishes. We bring to you some dishes that have become a favorite of many worldwide.

10. Butter Chicken

The famous Punjabi delicacy is loved by food connoisseur across the globe. Considered to be one of the most popular non-vegetarian dish, this dish is a compilation of varied Indian spices along with butter and mouthwatering chicken marinated overnight in yoghurt. The mere mention of the process has made my mind wander into dreamland and I am sure you are going through the same.

9. Idli, Dosa, Vada with Sambhar

Doesn’t it make your mouth water! Of the many popular south Indian dishes, the one whose prominence has touched the taste buds of people across the globe is Dosa, Idli, Vada with the tangy sambhar. Masala Dosa being favorite out of the lot, this offering from the southern part of our country is definitely doing wonders globally.

8. Rogan josh

Also called as Lamb Rogan Josh, it is a Kashmiri delicacy which has found admirers elsewhere as well. Cooked with various spices ranging from cinnamon, cardamom, bay leaves, the vivid flavors make this dish robust and makes for a sumptuous meal.
Rogan josh

7. Biryani

Said to have been emerged from South India, with the famous Hyderabadi Biryani, Biryani is another delicacy of our country that has gained popularity. Basmati (type of rice) is preferred for making Biryani, whose aroma itself will make one pounce on it on being served. The ‘menu’ thus, no wonder, carries a special section of Biryani and includes its various varieties, such as Egg Biryani, Chicken Biryani, Fish Biryani and more.

6. Dal Makhni

A favorite of the North Indians, Dal Makhani is a must-have during any festive occasion. The domestic popularity has led it to be one of the most loved dals. Generally had with Indian bread or chapattis, the taste is devoured by food lovers.

5. Palak Paneer

This is an amazing Paneer dish combined with the goodness of creamy Palak in a great combination. Palak Paneer is a very popular North Indian recepie and is cooked by making use of Spinach and a good amount of Fresh Cottage cheese. The cooking process involves cottage cheese being cooked in spinach based thick gravy mixed with a variety of Indian spices. The dish is usually served well with naan, rotis, jeera rice or even biryani rice. Even vegans can enjoy this dish as they can simply substitute paneer with tofu.

4. Litti Chokha

Litti is a snack food found in India’s Bihar state; it consists of balls of wheat and sattu (powdered gram or lentil) formed into balls with spices, and then filled with ghee (clarified butter) via a hole. Although very often confused with the closely related Baati, it is a completely different dish in terms of taste, texture and preparation. It may be eaten with yogurt, baigan bharta, alu bharta, and papad. The litti are traditionally baked over a cow-dung fire, but in the modern day a wok of boiling oil may be used.

Spices used to flavour the litti include jawain, mangrail, garlic, red pepper, mustard oil, salt, and ginger. Tasty pickles can also be used to add spice flavour. In western Bihar and eastern Uttar Pradesh litti is served with murgh korma (a creamy chicken curry) and chokha (a vegetable preparation of roasted and mashed eggplant, tomato, and potato).

3. Malai Kofta

One of the most popular vegetarian dish is the Malai Kofta. Koftas made either from Bottle Gourd (lauki) or Potatoes, in a rich gravy makes it a feisty affair. Considered to be a substitute for meatballs, it is no less delicious and the look of it might convince non-vegetarian lovers opt for it in place of a non-vegetarian dish.

2. Samosa

A famous Indian snack, Samosas can be probably be found anywhere in the world! They’re a lovely snack for a cold day when you’re just a little more than nibbly and a little less than hungry.

1. Panipuri and Chaats

It is a street food but is loved by people across the country and globe. Eaten with spicy water and sometimes sweet water (I prefer the former), Panipuri also called as Golgappas may make you make those weird faces when the spiciness hits the taste bud. There is a whole range of chaats other than Panipuris that are a delight to eat such as Aloo Tikki, Papdi Chaat, Sevpuri Chaat. Aren’t you feeling the urge to go down the street now and order one?

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